MacGyver SG-1 Audio Series

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About MacGyver SG-1

Writer/Actor/Producer Mac Jackson brings you the episodes you didn’t know about with new adventures that starts in between the episodes of SG-1 and continues into present day!

Angus MacGyver: Trouble shooter, Humanitarian, the man who can make anything out of everything. When no one else can get the job done, MacGyver is sent in.

Air Force Col. Jack O’Neill: Adventurer, Leader, Commander of the secret team of explorers known as SG-1. Together with Major Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Former First Prime Teal’c, he explores distant worlds through the ancient device known as the Stargate.

Find out what happens when Jack and Mac find out they are long lost twin brothers. How will they get along? Where will they clash and how will they deal with each other’s enemies?

Welcome to this New Exciting Ongoing Adventure!