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The MacGyver podcast is a welcoming place where all aspects of MacGyver are discussed from Richard Dean Anderson’s life to his career post MacGyver. Hosted by Mac Jackson and Nathan Schell who share their own perspectives on what MacGyver means to them. These podcasts are filled with Episode Commentary, Trivia, Survey Questions, Listener mail as well as the occasional guest. Relax and listen to interesting and thoughtful opinions about the characters, episodes and the timeless legacy of the man who can make everything from anything and proves that there is always a way out of trouble.


Mac Jackson is a proud father of two from Scranton PA. He is the singer/songwriter for the band he has with his wife, Cindy, called “Harmony Constant”. He also worked for a agency that helps kids deal with trauma in their life. Mac is an avid comic book collector and black belt in American Kenpo as well as efficient in various weapons. Inspired by RDA from the very first episode of MacGyver in 1985, Mac strives create and do more to make a positive difference in the world whenever he sees an opportunity.

Nathan Schell is an aspiring actor/entertainer from Central Pennsylvania. He’s been a part of the cosplay/costuming community since 2004. He’s working on an independent Sci-Fi mini series called Dark Operations. He’s also the owner of Commissioned Credentials LLC. His hobbies are many, but include video games, writing, photography, and prop making/collecting.